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Salsa Dancing Keeps your Body Young!

Salsa Dancing which has it’s origin pointing back to New York is now today one of the most popular forms of dancing. This Latin dance is full of energy and passion. Apart from the music getting your heart pumping the rhythm and moves have tremendous cardiovascular benefits. Once you learn the basics of salsa dancing you will find yourself immersed in the flow of the movements and won’t want to stop! Salsa dancing will keep your body young!  


The Music Works Magic!

Salsa dancing is a great dance to learn with your partner. It is an affectionate form of dancing that is known to work magic between couples. The dance itself is honest and flirtatious in nature. The moment you hear the music your body will want to express movement. Not only does this dancing allow you to free up your bodies movement, it allows you loosen up a little and have some fun!  

The stress free way to meet people!

Salsa dancing is popular around the world. You will find people dancing salsa in every major city around the world. From the clubs to the pubs knowing how to salsa will give you this effortless means of meeting people. This style of dance allows you to be more comfortable in yourself. This comfort drives confidence not only in yourself but in every other aspect of your life. At first you might impress your family and friends with your new moves, but soon you will find that you have a great skill to meet new like minded people!  

Put on some salsa music and tell me you don’t want to give it a try?

If you are interested in learning salsa or even finding a salsa social class where you can meet new people, please get in touch. We have schools all over Ireland to choose from. Simply drop us a line and we will find a school near you!  

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