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Each of the schools associated with the Dancesport Federation of Ireland organises a social dancing event once a month. Depending on the school these might be hosted in hotels or GAA clubs or even private venues. These socials are a great way for anyone to get a taste of Dancing. No experience is necessary as dance partners are swapped throughout the entire night. It also gives the dance schools an opportunity to make a fun night out of their weekly dance classes. These classes are a great way to learn a new skill, meet new friends and even reap the benefits of exercise! You are welcome to even attend one of our social dances and not dance if you do not feel comfortable. Maybe your partner would like to dance and you are a bit hesitant at the start. That is perfectly fine! But be warned after a couple of songs you won’t want to be sitting down, you will be up and dancing! Don’t believe us, why don’t you get in touch and try out one of our schools social dancing evenings?  

Social Dancing events all over Ireland!

The Dancesport Federation of Ireland is the representing body for regulation and promotion of dancing in Ireland. Each month there are various different social dancing events that take place each month. From Dublin to Cork, get in touch and we find a social dancing event near you!


The best night out you haven’t tried!

Social Dancing is by far the best night out you haven’t tried. The classic tradition in Ireland is to go out and drink first, and then Dance. At Dancesport we have a different philosophy! Why leave the best part of the night to the end! Most of the time the reason why we do not get up on the dance floor is because of fear! Our dance evenings are designed to be social and get you up dancing by teaching you how!

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